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Initially we entered the rally with a 53 Studebaker Champion Coupe and it must have been the same day that our entry went in that we received an email from Phillip Young, suggesting that a pre-war car would be more suitable. If we changed cars the range to choose from would be endless, but this was advice that could not be ignored. So we decided that it would have to be a Studebaker and this decision made our task of finding a suitable car easier.

There were not many people in South Africa with experience on vintage Studebakers and most of the information that we wanted, was not available on the internet. So the only solution was to find vintage Studebaker owners and the perfect opportunity for this was 44th International Studebaker Meet in Lancaster. At Lancaster we had a perfect line up of cars and there we decided that the 1929's matched our needs and finally we purchased the rally car unseen on EBay in October 08.

Lancaster Pennsylvania

By: Peter Gillespie & Detlev Börner

Every South African Studebaker enthusiast has a visit to an International meet on his things to do list. Peters and mine moved to the top of the list after we had entered The 2010 Peking to Paris Rally and started our planning in July this year. Our initial entry for the Rally was with a 53 champion Coupe, but the organizers suggested changing to a pre-war car which would be more suitable and in keeping with the spirit of the event. This seemed like a good proposal and a literature search pointed us in the direction of the late 20's and early 30's Studebakers. The 28's were the first with 8 cylinder engines and were arguably some of the best years that Studebaker had. However, the knowledge base in South Africa was limited and we realised we needed advice from experts before we could decide on a car, that would have to survive an eight thousand mile trip through Asia and Europe.