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The President Eight Eclipses Famous Commander Record

by Morgan W. Gibney

(This article copied from The Studebaker Wheel magazine for Oct. 1928. Photos and captions from the editor)

In a demonstration of endurance and stamina without an equal in history, two fully equipped stock model President Eight Sport Roadsters have each traveled 30,000 miles in less than 26,000 consecutive minutes. This feat, accomplished on the Atlantic City Speedway between July 21 and August 9, not only eclipses the previous greatest achievements of motordom, but also finds a parallel in sustained speed only in the flight of comets, meteors and other heavenly bodies. During the same period, two fully equipped stock President Eight Sedans established a new standard of endurance and stamina for fully equipped stock closed cars by traveling the same distance at speeds only slightly less than those set by the President Roadsters. The speed averages maintained by the two Roadsters in this epic run were 68.37 and 68.36 miles per hour respectively, while the two Sedans averaged 64.15 and 63.99 miles per hour. The entire run was timed and supervised by the American Automobile Association, whose technical representatives also certified to the strictly stock design of the cars.